Sony Playstation 5 might be more expensive

sony playstation 5

With the announcement of the PlayStation 5 set to debut later this year, Sony might be forced to increase the cost of its new next-gen console.

In an article published by Bloomberg reported that the Playstation 5 will come with an array of high-end hardware and the cost of manufacturing a console has risen to $450 (163,350) a pop which is a huge price bump compared to that of the PS4’s $380( 137,940). 

The article further stated that the predicted price for the new console would be close to $470(₦170,610) which would be considered a lot for hard-pressed gamers. Some of these components  Sony has struggled to secure are DRAM (Dynamic random access memory) and NAND flash memory. Due to the high demand for these components by next-gen phone manufacturers, the Playstation manufacturer’s might have to pay significantly more to secure a constant supply of these parts.

According to insiders, memory isn’t the only problem Sony is having. The component need for cooling the next-gen console has become more expensive than expected. A part that was ought to be each unit under a dollar is now a few dollars per unit. Despite the high cost of components needed for the Playstation 5, Sony has not gone back on its promises regarding the specifications of the Play Station 5 which are a meaty 8-core, 16-thread processor, a custom AMD Navi GPU, custom SSD storage, and 8k resolution support.

In a report based on unnamed sources, It is possible there will be variety when it comes to the consoles which would depend on the storage size of the SSD with cheaper or expensive models being made available for those who wouldn’t shy away from a $500 price tag. But it seems Sony is holding off on fixing its retail price until Microsoft’s E3 2020 event which is set to take place in June. Knowing where the Xbox Series X is set is going to be a key factor in knowing how much they can ask for the PS5.

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